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While doing games development especially for smart devices we have to take care with both device memory and size of game build. At times that would prove to be big headache and causes serious trouble. In this post we will do the tricks with texture packer pro from code and web to do game optimization. Voila! so keep reading till end we will not get late.

Are you curious and passionate about it? I know yes! so lets get into.

We will explore

  • What texture packer pro is
  • What is does for game loading time
  • How it impacts on sprite mesh draw calls
  • Example with Fantasy wooden GUI from unity assets store (courtesy)

We all know sprite sheets increase our game performance but here using texture packer pro means a lot more than that as it provides many optimization options for packing your game sprites.

For this post i will be using free unity store assets from Fantasy Wooden GUI : Free, kudos to them( why not awesome art stuff). If you read documentation of different gaming engines like unity and cocos creator JavaScript etc. they have their local solutions to deal with optimization but when it comes to customization we have to look for other tools and texture packer pro adds the value here. Here is glimpse of some part of it.

Texture packer claims triangle count reduced by 69% giving you additional CPU power and overdraw reduced by 30% giving you additional GPU power.

For ease let us strict to unity 3d and to use texture packer amazing features you just need to add texture packer free plugin from assets store for free and then texture packer published files, and you are done. For detail drive you can visit here https://www.codeandweb.com/texturepacker/tutorials/using-spritesheets-with-unity?from_product=texturepacker.

You can explore and dig more features by drilling into texture packer but for now i want to show you a simple difference one without texture packer and other with texture packer.

see statistics when we do not use texture packer:

see statistics when we do use texture packer:

We will definitely observe some serious improvement over your game loading time and boost in better gaming experience for user after using it. Also one more important thing to notice is that with free version of texture packer you may not enjoy many great features on texture packer as you have to go for pro version to get benefited.
Hope you enjoyed it.
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