Getting Started With Augmented Reality in Unity

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If you wanted to make Augmented reality applications in unity3d and confuse which way you can achieve it in free way then luckily you are at right place.

In unity for building AR applications you can use ARCore, ARKit and Vuforia. But recently unity introduces AR Foundations that is directly accesible from package manager. Yes, this is something very great by unity and amazingly, it is free AR Package that is built on ARKit and ARCore. Before it, we have to use ARKit for iOS and ARCore for android applications.

Glad that we have AR Foundations, we now can make builds for both platforms quite easily. Well, despite its many benefits and it can be used for production, these packages are currently in preview and under development, and documentation is not quite helpful. Hey, please don’t get disappointed and I am not discouraging you.

So How can I motivate you to start this journey and forget about documentations hectic readings. Unity provided us a GitHub repository of its AR Foundation Sample.

Really! Yep fellows.

Click to go to GitHub repo of AR Unity Samples

Hope you are now clear on basic tool you can use for free for your exciting AR Applications. In coming days, I will be sharing practical stuff to help you out in developing AR Application as you can do plane detection, face tracking and much more incredible things of Computer vision in 3D Augmentation with this AR Foundations package.

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