Best Practices: The Resources folder in Unity

Estimated Time: 15 min
Research Time: 10 min

There is huge debate over using Resources folder in unity project. In this little effort i will get support my views from unity’s blog best practices.

According to experts In production resources folders must not be used or eliminated and just use for prototyping.


With resources folder there are hazards associated as

1- Memory management would be more difficult.
2- Game start up time and build size can increase.

But one thing you will be wondering with, then not unity get rid of it or remove that facility from development. If you are thinking, do not worry. You can use resources folders if your objects and assets are not memory Insensitive, used throughout the lifetime of the project and for other scriptableObjects containing third-party configuration data, such as a Facebook App ID.

One thing more the number of objects in resources also really matters and when we make build of project all resources folder will be merged with metadata and indexing.

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