Summer Plan Execution for University Undergrads

Now technology world is expanding at super high pace. Need to make students and learners to show right direction and motivate them to select right side in the field of Computer Sciences.

There are plenty of options in IT world. Before making any plan lets get some help from famous sites.

Please have a look over it, a great survey by popular stack overflow.


Lets see some highlights from the above page.






Leave Salary for now it will come automatically when you learn and implement things with passion.

Also see .

From above please don’t get exhausted. I know you want something valuable and best for in terms of future. You listen often from people try to find your area of interest and stick to it. I also recommends you to do so.


But besides that you must also make sure to consider other factors that you find your real area of interest. 


Well, in the below post I am going to provide with a handsome and bright career side for future to move, in fact sides.


Yes, I am giving you summer plan for Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Big Data etc.


I will not be surprised if you are hearing it first time or just listen the words only. If someone looking to learn skills that can highly impact the world. Names are mentioned above :D.





Don’t you worry the language we are going to select is “PYTHON”. Seems weird. It should not be.

 Now a days these languages like PYTHON, SCALA, R and JULIA are in hot position. 

But Why?


My school, college or university don’t emphasize on them, so Why?



My answer will be only a beautiful laugh firstly, a non seriousness. Secondly, seriously these languages are quite easy to use, easily understandable and allows you to focus on you Job or task rather language complexities. You believed me, not worries you will after taking first two course. Yes you will.



Hey, I am not saying ignore other jobs or careers or any other programming languages C3, JAVA etc.


What I am saying the in our summer plan we have to focus on to get exposure to increase our productivity in Data sciences, Machine Learning or Big Data.




To keep you motivated I am also decided to make a plan to also get Certificates from IBM totally free, Solo Learn courses and certificates, Hacker Rank and some others as well. Yep. Hurrah! All free. Yup.



So Guys lets get started. Please note that we move slowly in the beginning so do not get bored. If you so please leave a message to me. I am always open to discuss things and re boot you. So please always remain passionate and super motivated. As we not only make our fundamentals strong but also try to make real example projects. Woo.


All is free but superb.



See thrillers below.


So there are three sides Machine learning(we mostly focused on), Big Data and Data Sciences. Data Science is giant multi disciplinary field of all so it required a lot to learn for it. We just make things funny and interesting, that you love not hat. Once done funny part hopefully you can move further.




What is machine learning?




Data Science vs Big Data vs Data Analytics


Don’t worry it is just to introduce you. It is your first face to face. Yep.


Very first course you must do and start with from IBM and on completion you will love programming and also get Certificate. Yeah!

1- Super Course from Solo Learn and a free certificate.

Time: at max 1 week with one hour per day

Recommended: to spend 3 hours each day to complete in 2-3 days


2-  Python from Cognitive Class IBM: Free Certificate


But be careful as you have to clear the simple but nicely designed mcqs and labs. 


Time: at max 1 week with 2 hour per day

Recommended: to spend 3 hours each day to complete in 2-3 days




3- Make a Chat Bot and deploy on Word press website Free: IBM Badges free to show case skills

Time: at max 1 week with 2 hour per day

Recommended: to spend 3 hours each day to complete in 2-3 days




4- Ask a Course from me I will give you Access to Udemy Open CV Python course.


Or please Start


Note: When you start that course let me know I will try to support you and give you some motivational speech to move on.


Time: at max 2 week with 2 hour per day

Recommended: to spend 3 hours each day to complete in 2-3 days



So in short After that you will have two major projects.





5- Data Science Foundations: IBM Badges free to show case skills




Hope you love it.


All course work can be covered in 8 weeks if you work 2-3 hours per day. For that commitment and staying motivated it a must to have.



Thanks for your time. I hope you like. If you have any suggestions or want to ask anything please message me or email. I will get back to you soon. For now bye. Waiting to see when you are done.  



I am a Machine learning Enthusiastic.

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